Itamar Gilboa, Founder of the Food Chain Project

Born in Tel Aviv in 1973, Itamar Gilboa is a multi-disciplinary artist who lives and works in Amsterdam. In 2005, he graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, a leading art academy in Amsterdam. Gilboa's work has been exhibited at the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Contemporary Tel Aviv Gallery, Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam, Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven and Jerwood Space in London. In 2012, he held a prestigious residency at the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing, China. 

Itamar Gilboa has always been inspired by the power of numbers and the influence of science. His works, based upon his own experiences living in Israel as well as in the Netherlands, are the result of thorough research and data collection. The body of work resulting from this research-based approach is consistent yet diverse. Gilboa's styles and aesthetics are wide-ranging, working in mediums including sculpture, video, drawing and painting. 

Among his diverse works is the video installation "Rijtjeshuizen" (2008), which documented the experiences of Dutch people living in Israel. “I want to be Green” (2005), a video work featuring Dutch actors, portrayed the experiences of Israelis living in the Netherlands. 

In the painting project "Chief of Staff" (2010) a social model founded on a chain of command orders and obligatory obedience, Gilboa investigated the structure of communication and commands within the Israeli army. These were shown in Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art. Most recently, Gilboa finished ArTies (2012), a commissioned work for the Tel Aviv Museum of Art that explores the visible and hidden social networks in the Israeli cultural scene. 

Gilboa also holds a degree in business management from the Natanya Academy and he studied performing arts at the Yoram Loewenstein Studio.